Grubwithus Dinner: Grub with Single Entrepreneurs! - Phoenix

Grubwithus Dinner: Grub with Single Entrepreneurs! — Phoenix

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Hey Singles & Entrepreneurs -- This Grub's for you! So make plans to join us Friday, July 6, 2012 for an evening of good food, laughs and war stories! (After dinner, stick around! We hope to keep the night going with a Band & Brew Crawl downtown.)

Oh, as you know, the 6th is Phoenix's 1st Friday, so A LOT will be going on downtown. If you've been putting off checking out Downtown Phoenix's night scene, this Grub is a perfect opportunity. Join us, so you don't have to go at it alone!

Where: Somewhere in Phoenix (the specific location will be revealed soon, so stay updated!)
When: Friday, July 6, 2012 at 7:00pm
Price: $17.00

Seats are limited, so click on the link provided to buy your ticket now!

What is Grubwithus?
Grubwithus is a social dining network that brings people together over delicious food. It's not just about the food or the people, though - it's about making new friends and forming lasting offline relationships.

  • Phoenix, Arizona, United States