Patio Heater Rentals - Phoenix

Patio Heater Rentals — Phoenix

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Propane Patio Heater
41,000 BTUs of heat will easily envelop an area of 10-12 feet in diameter in a steady wave of warmth, making your job as host easier, and quiet evenings enjoyed outside a true possibility throughout the year.
$68.00 tax and delivery includes tank of propane (4-6 hrs).

Tank Mounted Propane Heater
28,000 BTUs of heat. Heats radiantly, with no loss of heat to the air. This two burner unit mounts on top of a propane tank and sits close to the ground. Great for under patio’s.
$45.00 tax and delivery includes tank of propane (8-10 hours).

Electric Patio Heater
5,120 BTUs of heat will cover aproximately 30 square feet. Plugs into any standard 120 V outlet.
$45.00 tax and delivery

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